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Legal Notices

Legal notices

Disclaimer to 22, terms of use of website, privacy policy, and credits to assets and content on 22.


I only recommend 22. I don’t prescribe it. I don’t preach it either—it’s not religion!

While I believe in its power to becalm the practitioner and liver by its culture, as much as it has helped me, I do so without any guarantees. I’d appreciate a community where every self-actualized member can make their own wholehearted decisions as to what they practice.

Again, 22 is an exercise, as in calisthenics or aerobics, not a prescriptive medicine nor a religion, nor a cult.

Just like with one of my influencers, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, 22 by Kabolobari is completely copyright-free.

Every piece of content I ever publish here is in the public domain.

Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy even more than I expect every setup to respect mine.

That said, I will never share, rent, sell any personal information from you. That is, if any interaction with me on 22 warrants my collecting such information.

Furthermore, I steer clear of practices that may jeopardize your privacy. Such practices as spam, interruptive advertising, needless personalization of public content, and tracking are not in my management plan.

I may use web analytics only to see how people (anonymized) are using this site but that’s the very limit I do go with such technology.


I love to give credits to my erstwhile girlfriend Amina Ibrahim. How could I have started this journey without you. Hope you keep at 22 as long as life permits.

I continue also to give credits to Merriam-Webster, Incorporated both for the Learner’s Dictionary and Merriam-Webster online references - every definition in Words has come from either or both of these two great resources.

22 is by Kabolobari Benakole

I am Kabolobari Benakole and all references to “I” on this page and all others on this website are to me.

I own and manage this website. I also style myself as “curator of the culture of calm”, meaning that I live each day as steward for content that helps the community thrive in calm.

The best way to contact me is @22_Center.

Last Updated 2018-11-12